“On a December 31st night, when the whole world was preparing to welcome the New Year, we were anxiously preparing to welcome our darling daughter, and Michelle came into the world ringing in the New Year and lit up our small world with her cries, leaving us with tears of joy, and we couldn’t control our cries of happiness, as she is truly a miracle baby!

From that day on, Michelle has been lighting up our lives with her smiles and cries and her accomplishments. She has grown up to be a very responsible young woman, and can be counted on to help in any situation. She still brings us joy and happiness constantly as she has learned right from wrong, and always keeps our values in mind, which makes us happier than ever.

Michelle, we all love you and wish you all the best in your life. Continue to bring joy and happiness to all around you, spread the sunshine of a smile that lights up our lives every day.

A very Happy 16th Birthday and many more birthdays to come!”

Reaching 16 is a milestone,
A happy point in life.
You’ve set your personality
And your tolerance for strife.

By now you know right from wrong
And how to influence friends.
It’s time to look down the road
At forks and around the bends.

The road ahead is wonderful,
Some choices will be clear.
Your path depends on bravery
To push aside the fear.

When you chose this way or that,
Slow choices or if snappy,
Make the choices best for you,
The ones that make you happy.


It seems like only yesterday
You were a baby in my arms
Now you’re a lady, sweet 16,
With brains, beauty, good sense and charms
I couldn’t have loved you more
When you were born, my very own
And I couldn’t love you more now
You’re a beautiful woman, full grown
Happy, happy birthday, my sweet


Some sisters are models.

Some sisters are role models.

And some are the best friend

in the world. You do it all.

Happy Birthday.